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Prompt Hierarchy
Prompt Hierarchy

This visual provides a general prompt hierarchy to display in the classroom or therapeutic setting. Prompts are ordered in terms of their degree of intrusiveness with full physical prompts described as most intrusive. The second page (not shown) begins with gesture prompts, moves to visual prompts, and ends with independence.

This visual is a useful reminder for staff and a quick way to offer information to substitutes and other adults coming into the classroom to work with students. Each of the prompts has an abbreviation for use when taking data.

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Technology Resources

AAC Girls Blog
Dr. Carolyn Musselwhite, CCC-SLP, and her colleagues share tips and links on this blog on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Emerging literacy is a focal point for many of her posts.
BridgingApps is a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston that provides reviews by Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists of apps for individuals with special needs.
What Have We Learned Lately?
Dr. Dave L. Edyburn shares his yearly reviews of special education technology literature answering, "What have we learned lately?"
Priory Woods
Priory Woods School and Arts College offers free downloads of cause/effect games, interactive stories, and apps on early learning concepts.